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Adams is the Manging Director at The Adams Group of Companies and the current program director for the BUSET program

Tuva Adams Tuva is the founder of The Adams Group of Companies a technology, real estate, and business development company with numerous business brands in the market.

Adams Group offers services to millions of people in Africa and around the globe. Tuva Adams Tuva continues to impacts millions by being part of their day-to-day business cycles.

The Adams Group of Companies – Africa website link www.adamsgroup.africa

As the Managing Director of Adams Group, Adams has founded numerous brands under the Group of Companies. A serial entrepreneur, he was responsible for developing top-notch business empowerment tools.

Tuva has been in charge of developing flagship brands like Buy Domain Kenya – www.bdk.co.ke, SoKo Website – www.soko.website, Adams Acres – www.adamsacres.co.ke, The Chamber Press – www.thechamber.press and many more.

The Business Empowerment Tools program acronym “BUSET“ is the latest brand with one singular focus: Africa Entrepreneurs!

He has thus far led the inception and continues the transformation of Adams Group into a people-focused company while empowering youth and women in business as a passion.

He has a proven executive management track record with years of industry exposure/experience driving growth in the technology and real estate industry. Prior to starting Adams Group, he was privileged to work in local and international banks.

Tuva writes for local and international journals, he is a co-author of “The Read Africa Anthology” and Author of “Road to Mogul: How to start, build and scale your business”.

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