How To Start And Grow Your Business In Kenya



Kenya is a country of entrepreneurs, hustlers, and multiple- stream-income business people. While it comes easy to some, the art and science of starting and running a proper, legitimate and prosperous business can be attained by all. The purpose of this manual is to help you quickly understand how to open, run and succeed in business.


This is the kind of book that many people would never have the opportunity to write. For us, a series of events, made it possible to do so, getting us to cross the finish line.

We would like to thank our long-time friends and ecosystem partners Joram Mwinamo and Esther Ndeti for bringing us together. Beyond the introduction, you have continued to be champions of our work and many times pushing us beyond our comfort.

We would like to thank our families that have stood by our side over the many years as we cut our teeth in entrepreneurship. As everyone knows, it takes a special kind of resilience to build a lasting legacy and have an impact in the business world. The strongest soldiers in this entrepreneur journey are the family who is behind the scenes. Special thanks go to Susan Njambi who remains my number one fan. Ruth Ngunyi, who has been insisting that we should write a book for many years, may this be the first of many to your credit.

We want to acknowledge Sheena Raikundalia, Lilian Nduati, Damian Otieno and the entire team at the UK-KE tech hub for incorporating this book as a flagship project of the tech hub. This allowed us to get the much-needed resources, enabling us to concentrate on the writing. We are forever grateful for your generosity and support.

To the colleagues that we work with daily and who have been kind enough to read our early drafts, give us advice and keep us honest, we can’t thank you enough.

Finally, we want to thank the African small businesses and startups that have walked this journey with us over the last decade. You have trusted in our leadership and direction, furthermore, it is because of you that we have this treasure trove of knowledge that we can share with the Pan-African entrepreneurs of the future.

What will you learn
  • Writing a business plan

  • How to funding your business

  • How to pitching your business to Investors

  • Navigating the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Kenya

  • How to do market research

  • Naming and Branding your business

  • Opening your business

  • Legitimize your business

  • Marketing and Sales

  • Assembling a great team

  • Managing the business

  • Passion
  • A business idea


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Adams Tuva - Thu, 27-May-2021

Great Insight !